The Truth: Most People Fail In MLM / Network Marketing Business!

by Eduard Reformina
Yes that is the truth. Most people fail in network marketing business. And the same is true in everything in life. Most people fail in everything that they try to do and pursue.

Think of this: Most people who try to play professional sports failed. Most people who tried
to play musical instruments failed. Most people enter in show business who wanted to become actors and actresses failed. Most people who go to the gym to get fit, failed. I can continue here but I know you get my point.

And the word FAIL really means what? If you try to check the word fail in a dictionary, the meaning would be:

a : to disappoint the expectations or trust of
b : to miss performing an expected service or function for

But I have my own definition of the word FAIL. To me it means QUIT! Failing means Quitting.

Think of Manny Pacquiao. When he was just starting as a boxer, he also had failures. He loses some of his fights. But he didn’t stop, he didn’t quit until he reach the top and until he become very successful. He didn’t fail in Boxing because he didn’t quit. He push and push his boundaries, learned new skills and strategies and learned from his experiences. 

He will not become the Pound for Pound King if he did quit when he loses on some of his first fights.

When people fail in network marketing or at anything in life. They simply just QUIT.
Because quitting is the most easiest thing to do. It doesn’t take anything at all. Simply stop what you are doing.
So most People didn’t FAILED In MLM / Network marketing Business, They QUIT!

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      Your Friend In Success,

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