Nabaliw Ka Ba Sa MLM?

By Eduard Reformina

In today’s scene in Network Marketing, Hype recruiting or 

Baliwan is very common strategy used by Uplines and 
Leaders here in Philippines. 

Some examples of this are showing off of their cheques 
or someone else cheques, boasting of gears, gadgets, 
cars etc… 

Some even will tell you that they became massively 
successful in just couple of months. But of course they 
forgot to tell you that they have been to many MLM 
companies before and they have already acquired a lot 
of the necessary skills to be successful in MLM. they already 
established contacts and solid followers who are willing to 
come with them in any company they choose to join in. 

Okay enough of the Expose. 

My real purpose here is to tell you that this Hype/Baliwan 
strategy has a problem attached to it. 

You may recruit a lot of downlines using this strategy but 
the problem will occur when your newly sponsored distributors 
realizes that Network Marketing business really does take a 
lot of work, time, and requires acquiring new sets of skills, 
knowledge and even expenses. And then the newly sponsored 
downlines joined the business because their emotion was only 
intensely pump up during the orientation. They will struggle 
so badly and will end up just quitting and goes back to the 
Rat Race – Their Day Job! Where they feel the security of the 
monthly pay check. 

Another problem I see is some might join the opportunity 
because of Hype but they might join for the wrong reasons, 
reasons like material things, money, or just pure excitement. 
Nabaliw Lang talaga! The payoff with this, is the famous bad 
publicity of the industry. 

Why can’t we just be professionals and just show the comp plan, 
the team’s game plan and our leadership and let the prospect 
decide for themselves if our opportunity is for them or not. 
Enough of the hype crap. But of course these are just my two cents. 

How about you, what are your thoughts of this topic? 
Feel free to put your comments below. 
Agree or Not, they’re all welcome.

   May You Reach Your Dreams in MLM…
   Mabaliw sana kayo! (JOKE!)
   Youre Friend in Success,

Eduard Reformina is a
MLM and Online Marketing Coach
You may Reach Him Trhough or 09158936268
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