How To make Money with eBooks – Online MLM with Digital Information Products

If you are looking to join a Online MLM Opportunity, then it is an excellent idea to join an Internet based MLM program that offers digital products.

Digital information products (ebooks, pdf, videos and audio courses etc.) are easy for customers to download as well as easy to produce and you can sell these products over and over again.

You can market and promote information products  that combines affiliate marketing with the network marketing business model.

Listed below are the reasons why you might want to join an Online MLM with Digital information products:
1. Easily Scaleable – With physical products like soap, nutritional supplements, and household goods, you will need to handle stock and deal with shipping etc. But with online information products they are instantly downloaded over the internet. You can therefore sell just as many of them as you like without getting worried about running out of stock or having too many clients to deal with.

2. Automated – When you sign up to an Online MLM, you will discover that it is a somewhat automated approach when everything is all set up. You basically need a sales and marketing system that you send traffic to. This begins with a squeeze page, and then a pre-designed e-mail autoresponder series to make the sales. There can be a separate range of higher in price products that buyers can then go onto purchase. When this sales funnel is in place then all you have to to do is send traffic to your squeeze page and let the system take care of the rest.

3. Real Time Freedom – With the advancement of the internet and with the help of tools like webinars, Videos, facebook groups, You can literally build your business from your home wearing pajamas or shorts. You don’t have to go out of your house build your downline. You can enjoy more time with your familyBut in reality theydon’t have because they downline owns them. Everyday they are out of town supporting their BOMs, etc.

4. Very Low Expenses – You don’t have to cash out daily transportation expenses, snacks for invites and prospects like in traditional MLM. Mainly your expenses will come from your monthly internet bill.

5. Residual Income – A lot of people join Online MLM because of the possibility of a monthly residual income. With this type of business model you not only earn commissions for making sales on your own but you  will also earn commissions whenever your team members make sales as well. If you build a good organization then pass-up commissions should be coming your way even on days you don’t make any sales yourself. It also helps to promote products that have a monthly repeating commissions nature to them.

The Question is, is there really a market for ebooks and other digital products? Are people willing to buy digital products? Read this short article below.

Kindle ebooks outsell hardcopy counterparts


Less than four years after their introduction, Amazon has announced that Kindle ebooks are now outselling their hardcopy counterparts.

In an earning announcement in January this year Amazon revealed a significant milestone had been achieved for Kindle.

Sales of Kindle ebooks had surpassed paperback book sales, a milestone they had not expected to reach until the second quarter of this year. (2011)
Now another milestone has been passed. Amazon has this week announced that they now sell more Kindle ebooks than all other print books – paperbacks and hardbacks – combined.

“Customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books. We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly – we’ve been selling print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years,” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,
Can you really make money in an Online MLM program?
In any internet business opportunity or MLM company, there is no such thing as guaranteed earnings or guaranteed success, if anyone said to you that you are going to make a lot of money and all you have to to do is sign up, that person is probably just desperate to get you to sign up so he/she can collect his/her commission ($_$).
If you really want to make a decent amount of money and become successful in any Online MLM Program, here’s what you can do before you join any company:
1. Find an Upline Leader who has a good success track record – and a kind of an upline who has the skills and knowledge to coach you on on how you are going to effectively
market and promote your business. Your sponsor should have the ability to give you guidance thru your business venture especially if this is gonna be the first time for you to do network marketing.
2. Try to find a team that has a proven system – that you can immediately use and leverage. A Network Marketing System is very important for you. Just think about what your business would be like if you have a step by step blueprint in front of you that you can easily follow and duplicate exactly for you to be successful. Team support is vital as well. Be ready to learn new skill sets, you are going to venture in a new world (if this is your first time) and you need to learn and adopt fast. I strongly recommend that you ask about the support that the team can provide you.
4. Focus on improving your skills Dont focus on How much money you can make from home and start thinking about what you can learn and do to help others. People fail in MLM because of making the money their main motivation.
5. Learn marketing skills and learn how to generate your own Leads / Prospects. – Leads and prospects are the lifeblood of any network marketing business. It is important to learn how to generate endless supply of leads and prospects. A lot of people will tell you to simply write the list of your friends and relatives so you can offer them your business but to tell honestly, the number of your warm market list will dry out immediately and the majority of them will not be interested in becoming a member of your business.
This is often one of the most common problems of network marketers in their business, they run out of people to talk to. The solution to this is to generate your own prospects or leads. You can use the Internet and you can accomplish this by learning Proven Internet Marketing Strategies. Learn to use and leverage the power of The Internet to build your Online MLM business rapidly.

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